Two cats--one English, one French--held a swimming race across the English Channel.

The English cat was named One Two Three; his French competitor was named Un Deux Trois.

Unfortunately, Un Deux Trois cat sank.

There are two cats named One Two Three and Un Deux Trois

The two cats come to a river, only one survives the crossing. Which one survived?
One Two Three because the Un Deux Trois quatre cinq.

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

Testing, testing, one two three *taps virtual micerphone*

How’s everyone doing tonight?

I’m not doing bad...I’m not doing good but I’m not doing bad. What? Sad for me?

Well I’ll tell you why I’m not doing good. There are a few miners out back. I live near a quarry. Big, huge, thing. You couldn’t miss it staring from the freakin’ sun, you kn...
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