Does the CIA listen in through Alexa?

My wife asked if I thought the CIA listened in through the Alexa.

I said "no, they don't....".

Then the Alexa said "no, we don't".

And the wife said "I've never heard the male voice before".

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

If you listen in on a butt dial...

Is it called tapping that ass?

A man is walking by his son's room, when he hears him praying...

and he decides to poke his head in the door to see what he is saying.

"Dear God, I love Mommy, Daddy, and Grandma. Bye bye Grandpa."

The father thought this was strange, but didn't pay much mind to it, as his young son was just expressing his feelings.

The next day the man comes...

It's WW2. Two German spies walk into a bar in London...

... where they sit down to listen in on some high-ranking British officers. They walk up to the bartender and ask:

"Can we get a few drinks?"

The bartender then suggests:

"dry martini?"

"Nein, nein, zwei martini!"

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