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What do Little Miss Muffet and Saddam Hussein have in common?

They’ve both got Kurds in their way.

What do Thanksgiving and the Kurds have in common?


America loves them and Turkey would prefer they didn't exist.

Kurdish cunieform tablets

In ancient Kurdistan, they didn’t have the material to make the cuneiform tablets they did down by the rivers in the Fertile Crescent, so they had to carve important documents into stone tablets.

That included contracts and treaties. There could be multiple “signatories.” For an invoice, for ...

What ethnic group eats the most milk products per capita?

The Kurds

What do you call someone from Northern Syria who took refuge in Wisconsin?

A cheese Kurd.

There’s a place in the Mideast that doesn’t need the Covid vaccine.

They have Kurd immunity.

Why don't they like cheese in Turkey?

Because they despise letting the Kurds have their way.

What do Mountain Turks and cottage cheese have in common?

They’re both just Kurds.

Dire Straits are looking for an agent in the Middle East..

They should check out Qatar George...
He knows all the Kurds.

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

What do the US and pervy cheesemakers have in common?

They both fuck the Kurds.

What do you call a person of mixed heritage from eastern Turkey/northern Iraq, and from Wisconsin?

A Cheese Kurd.

True Story of Joke Told at Ft Benning, GA

In class 92-1 of Infantry Officer Basic course we were in a large lecture hall in building 4 at Ft. Benning, GA. Desert Storm had just finished less than a year previously and we were one of the first classes of new infantry officers to get a look at all the cool intelligence from Iraq. We were th...

Did you hear about the writer who brought peace to the Middle East?

He had a way with Kurds.

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