Muslim weather is so unpredictable...

It's either Sunni or Shiite.

I don’t understand why so many people were in Afghanistan.

I’ve heard it’s because it’s always Sunni there, but right now conditions are looking like Shiite.

A muslim couple decided to have a baby.

The day of labour came and Doctor came out of the maternity ward with a grim look on his face.

Father asked what was wrong.

Doctor asked the father, which type of muslim he was.

"I am a sunni muslim," father replied.

"And your wife?"

"She is a shiite."


I was watching an international soccer game, and suddenly an Iranian player ran into the stands to beat up a spectator.

Then the Shiite hit the fan.

I met a Muslim girl earlier today

She wasn't a perfect 10 but shiite

What do you call 2000 lbs of Muslims?

A Shiite ton.

Did you hear about that Islamic singer?

His songs were Shiite

What have Muslims and Scottish weather got in common?

They're often either Sunni or Shiite.

What do you call an Islamist who publishes propaganda about Sunnis?

A Shiite poster.

Muslims are a lot like breakfast eggs.

If they aren't Sunni side up, they're probably Shiite.

I work with a Muslim that keeps calling me an “American Pig”

He’s a piece of Shiite

The British weather has just been declared Muslim

A little bit Sunni but mostly Shiite

Why did the Muslim boy ask to leave the classroom?

He had to take a Shiite.

What do you call an Iraqi priest?

Holy Shiite

My Muslim friend.

I have a friend who used to be a Muslim, now he's an atheist, I guess he was done with that Shiite.

Did you hear about the Iranian who punched a guy at the soccer game?

Well, the Shiite hit the fan.

Sorry if it's a repost. :p

Two Muslim vampires are discussing the weather...

Vampire 1: It's really Sunni outside.

Vampire 2: Shiite!

Courtesy of my 8-year-old.

What did the recent Sunni convert says about ISIS?

They really scared the Shiite outa me!

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