What do Jawas do if they disapprove of how the sandcrawler is being run?


What's a Jawa's favorite type of bread?


What’s a Jawa’s favourite vegetable?


What do Canadian Jawas eat?


What is a jawa's favorite style of pasta?


Sorry, was picking out pasta for tuna casserole and it made me laugh.

What’s it called when a Jawa does the same thing every day?


What Do You Call A Jawa Magician?

Harry Utinni!

What do you call a Jawa's favourite magician?


In Star Wars, what language is used to program droids?


I translated an Ewokese joke into English

An Ewok marches into a cantina and says to the bartender, “I’ll have a Jawa Juice and …… Bantha milk.”
The bartender says, “Sure thing—but why the little pause?”
“Not sure,” says the Ewok. “I’ve had them all my life.”

*Yub Nub!*

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