What do they call the side effects of lactose intolerance in France?

Smelly derriere (dairy air)

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

When social media bans female boobs, but not men's, it shows a real intolerance...

lactose intolerance.

The person who discovered wheat intolerance has died.

The family has requested, NO FLOURS.

I don't understand lactose intolerance ppl

Why can't they just tolerate it? It's not that hard.

Did you know lactose intolerance is a genetic thing?

Runs in the family.

How do coeliac intolerance people in Germany say hello to each other?


What do you call a hooker with a gluten intolerance

A pasta-toot

My hayfever makes me sneeze like my dairy intolerance makes me fart.

I hate my analogies.

There's only two things I hate in this world: intolerance...

and the Portuguese.

My friend keeps the toaster on the lowest setting

I suspect he's got black toast intolerance

Yo mama so dumb

She thought her indigestion was lactose intolerance living in the milky way.

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