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Earl was an airplane pilot with many years of experience.

Now Earl always had a dream: to try to do a loop-de-loop with a Boeing 747.
So on his last flight before his retirement, he told the passengers
"Hello, this is your captain Earl speaking. For many years, I wanted to try to do a loop-de-loop with a plane, and today is my last flight before re...

Two Polish airplane pilots are landing a plane.

Two Polish airplane pilots are landing a plane. They can't slow down the plane fast enough and they smash through the airport, through the windows and into the waiting area.

The pilot says, "Man that was a short runway."

The co-pilot says, "But sure was wide though, wasn't it?"

An airplane pilot was lost in thoughts about women

...when he suddenly notices a thick fog surrounding his plane.
All he can make out is the shape of a building in front of him.
His copilot makes a sign reading "WHERE ARE WE?" and flashes it out the window.
The people in the building ahead return the sign "YOU ARE IN A PLANE".
The pilot...

Mile High Club

Airplane pilot comes on the intercom and says "folks, to save the lives of the other 127 people on this plane, 3 of you will have to jump."

Everyone looks around and finally a Frenchman stands up and says "in the name of France, I'll jump. Viva la France!" And he jumps out of the plane.

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