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Yo mama so FAT

She eats her dinner off of the tectonic plates!

Yo mama so fat...

Yo mama so fat she has her own gravity

But she so ugly people are still repelled by her

Yo mama jokes thread

What are some of the best "Yo mama" jokes of recent times?

I'll go first: Yo mama's so stupid, she thought a quarterback was a refund.

Yo mamas so ugly

Her portraits hang themselves

"Yo mama" jokes don't age well

just like yo mama.

Yo mama so poor

When people come to the door she gotta stick her head out and say “Ding, Dong!”

Yo mama's so fat...

...when she plays Pokemon Go it's just Pokemon.

Yo mama so fat…

That when she went to [insert foreign country] she became [home country]’s largest export

Yo Mama So Fat

Ed Sheeran had a seizure trying to describe the shape of her

Yo mama so dumb,

She got fired from the M&M's production line for throwing away the W's

Yo mama

Yo mama's so fat her blood type is A1

Yo mama is so poor

That she cant even pay attention

Yo mama so fat

When she took her pants to the dry cleaners the lady said, "we don't do curtains."

yo mama is so gross

that when i told her to 'do the robot' r2-d2 got herpes

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Yo mama so fat

Yo mama so fat she butt dialed me from a phone booth.

Yo mama jokes will always remain a classic.

Yo mama so fat, it takes a substation transformer to power her defibrillator.

Yo mama so ugly

She entered a Miss America pageant and nearly lost her citizenship.

Yo mama's so fat, when she wears yellow...

I praise the Sun.

Everyone calls yo mama smoker.

‘Cause they all hang their meat there.

Yo mama so fat...

When she needs furniture she goes to a blacksmith.

Yo mama is so nasty..

They used to eat her out on Fear Factor.

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Me and my buddies stayed up all night telling Yo Mama jokes.

She was laughing her fat ass off.

Yo Mama so fat

If she were in Star Wars she would be Admiral Snackbar

Yo mama so dumb

She thought an IP address was RKelly's house

What do your mom and yo mama jokes have in common?

They're both getting old but are still enjoyed by many.

Yo mama is so fat

She went out in high heels, and came back in flip flops

Yo mama is so fat

That when she jumped the fossils started screaming

Yo mama so fat

>!We’re genuinely worried about her. That kind of lifestyle is unhealthy. You should encourage her to walk more and lay off the Ben&Jerry’s.!<

Biden and Barack don't tell each other "yo mama" jokes...

they tell each other Jo 'Bama jokes.

(I'm sorry, it's terrible)

Yo mama's teeth are so yellow...

She stood on a street corner and smiled, and traffic slowed down

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Yo mama so ugly

when she gives head, it counts as anal.

Yo mama is so ugly

Yo mama is so ugly she tried to enter an ugly contest, but they said, "Sorry, no professionals."

Yo mama's so ugly

She went to a haunted house and came out with a job application

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Yo mama so fat

The strip club calls her Hitler after all the damage she's done to the poles.

Yo mama so stupid, her password requirement needed to be 8 characters long so she typed in

"Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs".

Yo mama so fat

That when her underwear got dirty and she went to the laundromat, they told her that they don’t accept parachutes

Yo mama is so fat...

That when the people on Earth asked God for light, God had to move yo mama aside to give them all light

(Leave some more Yo Mama jokes in the comments lol)

Yo mama so big...

...her memory foam mattress drinks to forget.

Yo mama's teeth are so bad

That when she smiled to the cashier at walmart, the barcode scanner picked it up as a set of saucepans

Yo mama so fat she doesn't need the internet.

She’s already world-wide.

Yo mama so fat...

it took Nationwide 3 years to get on her side.

Yo Mama so stupid...

...she was yelling into the mailbox. When I asked her what she was doing she said she was sending a voice-mail.

Yo mama is the greatest comedian in the world!

Because she delivered the greatest joke ever.

Yo mama so ugly, when she was young,

her mama left her outside a store and got fined for littering.

Nsfw YO MAMA....

Your mama’s hoochie is so big...

...hold on, I’m losing my signal in here...

Yo Mama so fat

I swerved to avoid her in the road and ran out of gas

Yo mama so ugly...

The beggar gave her money to get a surgery.

Yo mama’s so stupid...

She cried onto a ketchup packet because it said “tear here.”

Yo mama so fat...

When she hauls ass, she has to make two trips.

Gimme your best yo mama jokes.

Yo mama so ugly

Yo momma so ugly the whole world faked a virus and ruined the economy just to make her wear a mask

Yo mama so dumb

She thought her indigestion was lactose intolerance living in the milky way.

Yo mama so fat. . .

I swerved my car to avoid hitting her and ran out of gas.

Yo mama got so fat

She is now forever banned from hitching a ride to the Mediterranean on the #EverGiven

I would make a joke about how yo mama so fat...

But we shouldn't talk about the elephant in the room.

Yo mama

Yo mama so fat, she went to a weight lifting competition and won 1st place for standing up

What's the similarity between my jokes and yo mama?

They never get hot

Depression/suicide jokes are basically yo mama jokes of our generation — they're lazy, unfunny and useless

Just like me

Yo mama so FAT

She can't store files larger than 4 GB.

Yo mama soooo fat

When she jumped into the pool, nasa found water on Mars.

Yo mama so stupid

She wears a face mask on a zoom meeting

Yo mama so fat

When she steps on a scale it says “To be continued”

Yo mama so fat, the only way she gets clean

is during a meteor shower

Yo mama so fat....

... she gave her memory-foam mattress to Goodwill and they sold it as a flying saucer.

yo mamas so fat

i pictured her in my head and she broke my neck

Yo Mama So FAT

When i was watching the simpsons and she walked past the Tv, I missed a whole SEASON

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Yo mama so gap-toothed...

She can floss with a dick!

Yo mama’s so old....

she doesn’t have a number after her username.

Yo mama's so fat...

... she caught a flesh eating disease and the doctor gave her ten years to live.

Yo mama so thirsty

She climbed Mt. Dew.

-- my 9 year old

Yo Mama jokes hit differently when you're Indian

Like are you dissing my mum or my uncle? I need clarity

Yo mama is like groceries during a pandemic...

...available for curbside pickup.

Yo mama so fat,

When she stubs her toe, her forehead ripples.

Yo mama so fat

She can tip the scales without touching them because her weight is AoE

Yo mama's so fat

when she sat on a memory foam it forgot

Yo mama is so old...

Yo mama is so old that when I told her to act her age...she died.

Yo mama’s so fat

that when Spider-man was saving her from falling off a building, he had to use the world-wide-web.

Yo mama so fat...

She went to the beach and the lifeguard said “madam, could you please leave the beach, the tides waiting to come in”

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

Yo mama's so fat

Her belly button was named 'The Mariana Trench'

Yo mama is like the coronavirus

She keeps trying to spread, but nobody wants her.

Yo mama’s so fat that when you were born...

They had to send in a search party!

Yo mama so fat

1 photo of her takes more space than your "homework folder"

Yo mama is so old that ...

She knew the dead sea when it was sick

Yo Mama Jokes

Yo Mama's so crazy, when she runs she takes the psychopath

Yo Mama's head so small, when she got her ear pierced, she died.

Yo Mama's so fat, she can't even jump to conclusions

Yo Mama's so dirty, she has to sneak up on bathwater

Yo mama so fat ...

The sorting hat put her in waffle house.

Yo Mama

You know your mama is a very religious woman. But she is so fat it doesn't seem to help her much. Every time she says, "Get thee behind me Satan!", he looks at her and says "How?"

Yo mama's so fat...

...she gotta stay 12 feet away!

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