My brother wanted to get a white noise machine

I told him just to look up Karen videos on YouTube

My daughters fall asleep to white noise.

So in the evenings, we turn on Fox News.

When my wife suggested getting a white noise machine for the bedroom, I was initially ok with it.

Then I realized I hate country music.

I bought this white noise generator to help me sleep better

But it kept waking me last night by shouting "all lives matter" and demanding to speak to my manager.

I bought a new white noise machine today!

It plays Weezer 24/7

I needed some white noise yesterday to go to sleep.

So i recorded myself saying "All lives matter" and played it on repeat until i fell asleep.

Got an echo dot for xmas, I asked her to play some white noise to help me sleep.

Alex started playing Eminem.

I told some friends I was having trouble sleeping. They said I should try listening to white noise.

I told them I don’t even like Eminem.

I got a white noise machine to help me sleep...

but it just keeps saying things like "I have many friends of different colors" and "I just wish America was like how it used to be."

Someone gave me a white noise machine to help me sleep. It didn't work.

Then again, its hard to sleep with Vanilla Ice playing in the background

why do people go to Starbucks to write books?

because white noise helps them concentrate!

I listen to trump rallies before I go to bed

They're all white noise.

What do you call a cyborg who's also the lead singer of a Nu Metal band?

A White Noise Machine

What do you call it when a KKK member is rambling incoherently?

White Noise!

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

This is one of those gems thought up at 4 am, why does nobody listen to Neo-Nazis?

It's all just white noise.

I listen to Justin Bieber when working...

White noise helps me focus.

What does Hillary Clinton use to drown the noise of Black Lives Matter protesters?

White noise

I told my doctor I was having trouble sleeping

I told my doctor I was having trouble sleeping and he suggested I try white noise. Unfortunately not only did it make my sleep worse, I've also had *Mmmm Bop* stuck in my head now for the last three days.

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