What would you call an extreme case of gonorrhea?


Poseidon, Zeus, and Hades sit down for a drink.

They know that, because of those pesky humans, it will be their last meeting in a long time. Zeus is attempting to combat climate change, Poseidon is dealing with rampant pollution and rising sea levels, and Hades needs to update his infrastructure to deal with the massive influx of souls after WW3....

What STI do women get from sleeping with Thor?


This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

An old couple were lying in bed...

...getting ready to go to sleep. All of a sudden the man lets out a huge fart, and says "I'm winning!"

His wife says "what are you talking about?" He tells her, "It's a game. Fart football. I just scored a touchdown. I'm winning!"

Not to be outdone, the lady lets out a cheek-ripper her...

A man and a woman get married in the old west.

They're riding their horses out into the sunset, but the woman's horse stops suddenly and throws the woman off the back. The man jumps down and looks the horse in the eye, and says "That's one."

A little further on, they hear a loud thunderclap, and the woman's horse rears up and tosses her ...

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

A priest and a man went golfing

A man is playing golf with his priest, and not doing very well. After yet another fluffed shot, he swears "fuck, I missed!". The priest is offended, and remonstrates, but after his next bungle, the parishioner swears again "fuck, I missed!". "If you continue swearing like that," the priest warns, "G...

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