It turns out all the hubbub about Hillary getting rid of her email server was all just a big misunderstand...

It was a female server that kept going down on Bill that was the problem.

A cornea, a female sheep, a tire and a nerd walk into a haunted house

The cornea bounces in first, making plenty of noise all throughout the house, and leaves terrified and satisfied.

The female sheep prances in next, and terrified bleeting can be heard by all, before she leaves in fear.

The tire rolls in next, making loud, frightened rubbery noises insi...

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

A man finds a genie in a bottle

He is granted 1 wish. Being that he is old and has erectile dysfunction he wishes that he might one again achieve the firm erection of his youth. The genie grants his wish on the condition that when he finally decides to get the erection, he has to proclaim 1-2-3! out loud. And then when its time to...

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