the inventor of the revolving door looked at a perfectly normal door and boldly asked "what if i added social anxiety?"

if i go too slow? surely everyone behind me hates me.

too fast? everyone behind me is in danger.

perfect invention.

let's put them in the busiest buildings.

Why does Satan have social anxiety?

Because he goes through hell just to say hello

I have a great joke about social anxiety.

Who am I kidding? You'll hate it.

What do you call a 23 year old guy with no friends, depression, social anxiety anda no job?

An average redditor

We are holding our annual social anxiety conference this weekend.

We hope to have more than 1 person show up this year.

As someone with social anxiety, I must say ...

Er, uhm ... Uuuh, I'll send you a text later.

I've just discovered the cure to Social Anxiety!

Social Security.

What game do two strangers with Social Anxiety play?

Don't Break the Ice

There was a social anxiety convention

No one showed up.

Earlier today I got diagnosed with Social Anxiety Disorder.

It's really SAD.

Because of my social anxiety, I prefer to do things with very little people around me.

It makes me feel better being taller than everyone else.

"Hello everyone to social anxiety anonymous"

"I see no one has come and I have to say I am very disappointed."

What animal do psychiatrists bring in to mental hospitals to help patients with social anxiety?

Squirrels; they're the best at getting nuts out of their shells.

I don't practice "social distancing."

After 30 years of social anxiety and a deep disgust of humanity in general, I operate on an "expert" level.

I always wanted to tell jokes...

I always wanted to tell jokes, but I had pretty severe social anxiety. So, I wrote the jokes down on pieces of paper and taped the paper to frisbees. Then I threw the frisbees at passers by so they could read my jokes.

The trouble was, most of them flew right over their heads.

Only 90's kids will get this!

Crippling depression and social anxiety

Why did the chicken cross the road?

Because he was coming up to a group of chickens and has crippling social anxiety.

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