Did you know that the 'R' in ERCOT actually stands for reliability?

It's funny, because ERCOT are the people responsible for operating the Texas electric grid.

Two reddit reliability engineers walk into a bar

They should probably come back now

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

Someone asked me, “If 2020 was a car, what would it be?”

I told them, “It would be a BMW. It looked real cool at first, but the reliability turned out to be pretty shit, and whoever’s driving is a total asshole.”

The President of the U.S. receives a call from the Treasury Department.

-Madam President, we are upgrading the vaults where we keep the gold reserve. Three designs are finalists, but you need to select the one we will use.

-What are the options?

-The first one is a made of reinforced concrete surrounding a steel cage with a nickel content of 8%. The second...

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

A CIA superspy assasin retires...

... So the agency posts an ad on Craigslist to fill the position. After a while, the field is narrowed down to just three well qualified applicants. They're flown to Langley to interview.

The first candidate is Major Ron L Lubbold: Army Ranger, a 15 year veteran of 6 combat deployments and ov...

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