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How did ISIS rebrand itself after the death of all its leaders?

It changed its name to

I am rebranding computers' energy saving mode

It's a power nap.

United should rebrand to Adrenaline...

Since they promote "fight or flight".

Apple have officially rebranded with the name APPLE

Due to their obsession with capitalising.

How did Papa John's rebrand themselves following the racial scandal?

Uncle Tom's

World Health Organization’s rebranding

In honor of our single biggest patron, China, we hereby announce a rebranding - from W.H.O. to XiDC

Before we sign off the old name, we’ll use it one last time to show our compassion —

Your well-being, WHO cares.

To combat drug addiction, Christians are now rebranding herion as "Jesus"

One should never take the Lord's name in vein.

Did you hear about the homeless artist who got turned down in his submission for a classic string toy rebranding?

It was a no-go hobo yo-yo logo.

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

How do you make it so no one gets offended at the Christmas song "Baby It's Cold Outside"?

Rebrand it as a rap song and name it, "Yo Bitch, It's Freezing Outside."

Topical Jokes for 6/17

(For best results, imagine these in the voice of your favorite talk show host)

In Michigan, a man was arrested after he tried to toss a football filled with drugs into a prison. Prison guards knew something was wrong when they heard 700 inmates shouting, “I’M OPEN! I’M OPEN!”

The Unite...

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