What Book Has Four Chapter 11’s?

Trump: The Art of the Deal

You know that I can tell Donald Trump has never finished a novel...

He can't get past chapter 11

I recently read Donald Trump’s book...

Unfortunately, I didn’t get past Chapter 11.

Why is Donald Trump’s biography so long?

It has four Chapter 11s.

If Toys R Us had a book,

Chapter 11 would be named "bankruptcy"

Just finished the art of the deal by Donald trump. Great book. You can find the secret to his tremendous success in....

Chapter 11

I tried reading Trump's autobiography but

it kept on going back to Chapter 11.

Michael Cohen's new book ends the same way as Trump's stories.

At chapter 11.

Donald has written a lot of books about business, but there's an interesting characteristic they all share...

They all seem to end at Chapter 11.

Credit (to my dismay): HRC

I heard Donald Trump has read a lot of different books..

..Apparently for the most part he never made it past Chapter 11.

I bought one of Donald Trump's books on how to run a business

...but for some reason, it just ends at Chapter 11.

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