What do dogs do after they finish obedience school?

โ€œThey get their masters.โ€

Martin Love was a very successful fitness coach.

He was incredibly strict and his long list of 100 rules was infamous, but you couldn't argue with the results. People always reached their target weight within a month. But this required absolute obedience to the rules, and commitment to Martin Love's regime. To make sure people knew exactly what th...

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A lady goes into a brothel in Japan

Upon arrival the Hostess brings out 4 young men.

The Hostess asks the lady which one she wanted, 1, 2, 3 or 4?

The lady says "I'll take all of them"

She is shown to a room and followed obediently by the four male prostitutes. The room is spacious, has a big bed with loads of pil...

A Catholic priest and a Jewish Rabbi meet at a delicatessen for lunch.

The Rabbi orders the pastrami, the priest orders the ham.

"I'm just curious," the priest says to the Rabbi. "Why can't you eat ham?"

"Never really thought about it," the Rabbi replies. "As a Jew, it's just one of the ways we are expected to show our devotion and obedience to God."

As I was walking my dog...

... A pretty girl came up to me and said, "What a lovely looking dog! Is he pedigreed?"

I replied "He sure is. Passed obedience school on his first try!"

When he was 16 Sam felt the Lord calling him so he joined the local monastery.

He took the vows of celibacy, poverty, and obedience. For the next 50 years his job was to make bibles, printing them and binding them by hand. After 50 years of devotion he was ready to retire so the head monk organized a diner for Sam the next evening.

As they talked about the diner the ...

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Another set of Jewish mom jokes

Seeing how my first post had a ~~huuuuge~~ kinda moderate success, here's another set.

Because it seems americains are not aware of the jewish mom stereotype, here is a rough translation of the French Wiki :

> The typical traits of the jewish mom include :
> * An exces...

Birthday Gift for Husband

Wife: "What would you like as a present for your birthday?"

Husband: "Your love, obedience and respect is enough for me"

Wife (thinks for a while and says): "No, no. I insist on a present."

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