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I wish Frasier would have a show about a copy editor in 1942 Germany that's blind, bilingual, narcoleptic, and obsessed with weights and measures.

He'd be a Grammar Grammer gram-er Nazi not-see nod si.

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I once shared a bed with a narcoleptic that had IBS.

She was a shit sleeper.

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Did you hear the one about the horny, dyslexic, narcoleptic?

He kept falling asleep in warehouses.

If I called you a narcoleptic kleptomaniac

Would you take it lying down?

How does a narcoleptic swimmer keep from drowning?

With a snorekel.

Why did the nercophiliac-narcoleptic funeral director get fired?

Because he fell asleep in the job.

I'm a narcoleptic Green Day fanatic,

Wake me up when September ends.

Never date a narcoleptic person

They sleep around

What do you call a group of narcoleptics?

A snoregasbord.

Did you hear about the narcoleptic, necrophiliac mortician?

He fell asleep in the job.

What do narcoleptic people drink in bars?


I've been seeing this narcoleptic girl lately, it's going really well.

I'm saving a fortune on Rohypnol.

What's a narcoleptics favorite game?

Hide and go sleep.

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So I've been depressed lately.

My therapist suggested I get a pet. After searching I ended up getting a goldfish. I think he's narcoleptic. That's not really helping anyone.

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Bills wife asks him to take her brother bob hunting with him

But bill knows bob has narcolepsy, but he does it anyway. Well bill takes bob out to the place where they will be hunting, he hands bob his rifle and tells him you go to the top of that hill and I'll go to the top of this hill. If you shoot and kill a deer I'll help you bring it out, and if I kill a...

A doctor passing trough a rural town finds the whole town grieving the Major's daughter's death.

I'll try be brief.
The lady was narcoleptic. So the doc, knowing it, offers to bring her back to life and they can pay him on his way back. He asks to be left alone with the lady and proceeds to make love to her, knowing that later on she'd wake up.

The town is amazed that he revived her...

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