Two mints are having an argument in a bar

Both arguing with each other about who's the hardest, would win in a fight between them, general bragging and macho bs etc.

All of a sudden an Extra Strong Mint walks in and they both hide under the table until he finishes his drink and leaves.

The barman comes up to them and laughs "I...

A friend of mine lost his job in the mint factory

His wife went absolutely menthol

I made an abacus by threading string through polo mints.... has improved my menthol arithmetic

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

Phil dies and is met by the Devil in front of three doors.

The Devil takes him to one side. 'Look, Phil,' he says, 'we're trying something out to cut down on admin down here. We used to assign punishments to the damned that fit their sins, but now we're letting people choose themselves.'

He gestures to the three doors. 'What I can do for you is this:...

I saw two cigarettes having a fight outside a shop earlier

They looked absolutely menthol

Where do people send crazy cigarettes?

To the menthol institution

Saw some guy running around naked, shouting to everyone: FRESH! GREEN! TEA! C10H20O! REPEAT!

So I asked my friend what the hell is up with that guy?
"Looks like he's having a menthol breakdown" he said

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