What did the sperm think about his chances of becoming a baby?

He thought it was inconceivable.

Immigrants speak the best English.

Three paisanos from the old country are trying to impress each other with the big words they have learned in English.

One says, “My wife can’t have more children. That means she’s inconceivable.”

The second says, “That’s too bad, but you used the wrong word, you mean she’s impregnabl...

My friend told me that his wife was infertile

"Inconceivable!" I said.

A woman goes to the doctor for a checkup

The Doctor tells her, "Well, your results are ready, and it appears that you are pregnant."

The woman appears shocked. and replies "What!? You've got to be..." \[long pause\] "... kid-in-me." and bursts out giggling.

The Doctor, now in a shock says, "I don't believe it. Did you really ...

What do you call a condom that’s 100% effective?


A husband and wife are trying to have a baby

After many attempts and what seems like an endless number of trips to the doctor and fertility clinic they meet with the doctor who tells them, "I do not think you will be able to have children."

The wife is overcome with emotion and her husband consoles her saying, "Inconceivable."


The flea jumping competition begins

Fleas from all over the country have gathered here today to take part in the contest. Expect an incredible show.


Team 1 from Muts-4-homes Animal Shelter take the stage.


The team lines up on the platform...


6 --
5 --

My girlfriend told me that the way I treated her....

My girlfriend told me that the way I treated her, cheating on her, coming home at all hours of the night, disrespecting her parents, never helping around the house, running up her credit cards, hitting on her best friends, and the callousness with which I did it all, was inconceivable.

I said...

Inigo Montoya gets married

He tells his new wife that he has always wanted a son to carry on the family name. They try for several years, but never have any children. Upset, he takes her to Miracle Max to see what can be done. Miracle Max looks her over, asks some questions, consults his books, and comes back with the bad new...

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

Princess Buttercup and Wesley were never able to have children

She was inconceivable.

Two years ago, Vizzini had a vasectomy. Today, his girlfriend announced to him that she is pregnant with his child.

He yelled: "Inconceivable!"

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