What was Icarus’ least favorite food?

Hot wings.

I just heard a joke about icarus and oedipus.

It’s about a guy that flew to close too your mom. Edit. Sp

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

Why was Icarus afraid of Oedipus?

Because he was the motherfucking son.

Icarus arrives at the airport.

Ahead of him, a husband and wife shepherd their two children, a boy and girl, toward their gate.

"Dad, can I have a taco before the flight?" The boy asks.

The father sighs, relenting. "All right."

Three hours later, Icarus lands. His father waits outside, ready to greet him. ...

In a way, Han Solo was a bit like a modern Icarus.

They both got too close to the son.

What was the last thing Daedalus said to Icarus?

"You've got a lot of potential, son."

I have a Greek friend who is a horrible wingman

so we call him Icarus

Why don't Greek gods insult people anymore?

Because Icarus already had the sickest burn.

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