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Hagrid: you’re a light bulb Harry!

Harry Potter: I’m a watt!?

What did Hagrid say to Harry after he was bitten by Lupin?

Yer a hairy wizard

Hagrid cremates Harry Potter and throws his ashes into a snowstorm

"You're a blizzard, Harry"

With Covid ravaging the wizarding world, Hagrid ushers a coughing Potter back to his dorm.

"You're a hazard, wheezy."

What did Hagrid say to Tinkerbell when she started working at Dairy Queen?

You're a Blizzard fairy!

Hagrid is so fat

The Sorting Hat put him in the Waffle House

The actor of Hagrid asked me why I want his signature

I said: "I am a giant fan!"

Hagrid breaks into the shack to tell Harry Potter, "Yer a wizard, 'Arry."

Harry Potter looks him up and down, noting Hagrid's enormous beard and flowing locks, and replies, "Well YOU'RE a hairy wizard."

Harry Potter, for a magical creatures lesson had the assignment of looking after a magical gecko.

He took great care of it , and was graded “A” for nurturing the pet so well. However shortly after receiving the grade for his assignment , the gecko escaped and went missing.

Harry was understandably upset about this, and a couple weeks of searching went by to no avail.

Then one day ...

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