Missed Orientation Class of Fight Club

Was late to my first Fight Club last night so missed the intro rules. Still, Fight Club was brilliant and I'd highly recommend Fight Club.

Not mine and could be old but this will not age

What's the number one rule of Vegan Fight Club?

Tell everybody

I went to my first Fight Club meeting last night

Unfortunately I arrived 10 minutes late so I missed the introductions but I must say I had a fantastic time I'd recommend it to everyone.

When is Fight Club scheduled to reopen?

there's no telling

I missed out on the lead role in my theater company's adaptation of Fight Club.

I've really been beating myself up over it.

I discovered an underground fight club earlier.

Bloody troglodytes.

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

Tyler Durden: Welcome to Fight Club! Thanks for coming!

**Me:** Don’t mention it.

**Tyler Durden:** *[under breath]* Fuck he’s good.

A local nunnery started a fight club

Obviously such an event had to be very under the radar, so very few people knew about it.

One of my best friends aunts is a nun, so he invited me to go with him. I went once, immediately got hooked, and now we go every Tuesday night. I told my wife that I had to work late Tuesday nights, the...

Just got back from Fight Club. It was really fun!

I got there a little late so I wasn’t able to hear all the rules, but I’m sure they aren’t that important.

My friend blamed himself for creating a fight club

I told him "Don't beat yourself up"

People always assume I've never seen Fight Club

But I just don't talk about it.

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

I just watched Fight Club for the first time and I gotta say...

Oh shit, I almost broke the first rule.

The first rule of Fight Club is...

Just try your best guys, and have fun. Also, when it’s your turn to bring snacks be mindful of others’ allergies.

My friend thanked me for inviting him along to Fight Club.

I replied "Don't mention it."

I still remember the last time I created my own version of Fight Club.

Come to think of it, it was around the same time I was fired from the YMCA...

Why wouldn't a "Fight Club" video game sell well?

The marketing would be nonexistent.

First rule of Fight Club

God damnit I've already broken it.

I took a girl to Fight Club. Terrible place for a first date.

We had nothing to talk about.

Fight Club turns 18 this year....

but I don't want to talk about it.

What's the best part about a Fight Club joke?

The punchline.

Did you hear about the fight club where cows smoked marijuana?

The steaks were high.

Just got home from my first meeting with "fight club"

It was super fun, lots of blood. I was a little late though, so I missed the part were they went trough the rules. Eh, probably nothing important anyway.

Why dont people from abusive families report the violence?

Because first rule of fight club is not to talk about the fight club

I joined a club...

It's called Fight Club. I was a little late to the first meeting so I missed the introductory rules, but I highly recommend it for everyone and would love to discuss it with anyone who's interested.


3) fight club

2) the sixth sense

1) the song “row row row your boat”

Turned up five minutes late so missed the rules...

...but I had an amazing time at this fight club last week, you should definitely look into it and maybe join, we fight in a car park every weekend.

Two guys are standing in an empty warehouse at night, looking around

One of them turns to the other one and says, “You know, maybe we should start talkIng about Fight Club.”

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

Therapist: What's the issue?

Dave: They kicked me out of Fight Club

Therapist: You want to talk about it?

Dave: That's right

I was so thankful....

I couldn't thank my friend enough for getting me into fight club.
"Don't mention it!", he said.

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