Do you want to hear a joke about nihilism?

Actually, never mind - it doesn't matter.

I wanted to tell you all about this concept called nihilism.

But eh- it doesn’t matter.

I was going to sharpen my pencil to take my test on nihilism..

But there was no point

I asked my friend how nihilism is pronounced.

Neelishm or nylisim.

He said “it doesn’t matter.”

I wanted to study nihilism...

but meh, what's the point?

What's the correct way to pronounce nihilism?

Doesn't matter.

I'm confused. My professor told me Nietzsche was 'an atheist who worshiped at the altar of nihilism'.

Is nothing sacred?

Was it hard to adopt nihilism as your personal philosophy?

Nah, there was nothing to it.

I tried nihilism...

But I just didn't care for it at all.

I'd consider Nihilism,

but does it even matter?

Nobody cares about Nihilism.

The punchline.

I have no ides what's Nihilism

It means nothing to me


Guy: "How do you spell nihilism?" Nihilist: "It doesn't matter."

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