Baby boomers like to disparage millennials.

Let's not forget the generation that got so stoned that they elected president ray gun. Seeing what America had done, he declared the war on drugs himself.

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A Jew is being held in prison in the Soviet Union for trying to emigrate to Israel

The Jew was studying Hebrew in his cell when the guard sneered at him, "Why are you wasting your time studying that language? You know you'll die here."

The Jew replied, "It is said that Hebrew is the language spoken in Heaven."

The Guard asked, "What if you go to hell?"

To whic...

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A woman was having a good time

with her vibrator, when it slipped and got stuck in her vagina. She visited the gynecologist and he informed her, "it's really stuck, it will cost $10,000 to remove." Looking disparaged, she asked the doctor, "how much to change the batteries?"
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