What did they call the dog that only barked in deep, gutteral borks?


This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

The well

An Arab sold a well to a Jew. The next day, the Arab went back to the Jew and said," I sold you the well, not the water inside it. If you want to buy the water, you'll have to give me more money." The Jew smiled and said," I was just about to call you because of that. Since you didn't sell me the wa...

Nobody's gonna get this but...

When Robert Bork died, he found himself at the pearly gates where St. Peter stood smiling.

"Mr. Bork! Welcome to Heaven! You're going to love it here! Now, what would you like to do? Sleep for a few years? Eat?"

"Well, that's awfully nice, St. Peter, but I've always loved being of se...

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