Bob Seger sits in a park with a tired-eyed old man. He's learning how to play chess.

After going over the layout and setup of the board, the old man begins a lesson on to the movement of the individual pieces.

Queens move in all directions, any distance. Kings are the same but with only one space. He didn't understand the knight, though.

Two in one direction, then ...

I won a contest to name our zoo’s new Elephant. So in the spirit of Bob Seger, I named him Rock and Roll.

Because Rock and Roll never forgets.

She told me I couldn't play any more Bob Seger.

I said "Just take those old records off the shelf. I'll sit and listen to them by myself."

Why does Bob Seger always laugh when he plays chess?

He thinks it's funny how the Knight moves.

What type of sushi does Bob Seger like?

That Old Thai Moroccan Roll.

A recent study has found that men with beards are more attractive

More great work from the University of Bob Seger

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