My sister came up with this. What begins with a P, ends with an E and has a million letters in it

Post office

I call my wife Bambi

She thinks it's because she's cute with big brown eyes. But it's really because I want someone to shoot her mother with a hunting rifle.

**Edit:** Some people have accused me of "being a plagiarist" and "stealing other's jokes"... Their words, not mine...

*Pause for comedic value*

How do you bamboozle a fool?

(Spoiler hidden)
AI Image Generator

A magician is traveling through Europe performing his flashy new fountain-pen act

He sells out shows in Paris, London, Berlin, Prague, and Amsterdam. People begin calling him "Bic Jesus"

Everywhere he went, crowds would gather to see him perform his Montblanc mastery. Men wanted to be him, and women wanted to be with him.

This all changed one fateful spring day. The...

What do you call a confused panda

A bamboozled panda

Why are Pandas untrustworthy?

They bamboozle you.

How do Super Smash Bros characters talk to the dead?

Waluigi board

Get bamboozled

Did you hear about the guy who had his bamboo plant stolen?

He was bamboozled

Did you hear the one about the panda who cheated people of their money?

I heard he bamboozled them

I stole all the panda bears' food.

They were bamboozled.

What do you call a con artist panda?

A bamboozler

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