antigengeneglycoproteinproteinamino acidenzymebloodmonoclonalviruspolypeptidevertebrateepitopemicroberecombinantcell membrane

Why didn't the biochemist laugh at antibody jokes?

He was humorally immune.

Which is the most desired summer body this year?

The antibody.

How does a biologist check for ghosts?

They run an antibody test

Why don't ants get the virus

Because they have antibodys

An engineer accidentally gave a medical school exam. See his answers:

1. Antibody - One who hates his body .

2. Artery - Study of Fine Paintings or military, not sure.

3. Bacteria - Back door of a Cafeteria .

4. Coma - Punctuation Mark .

5. Gall Bladder - Bladder of a Girl .

6. Genes - Blue Denim.

7. Labour Pain - Hurt at Work...

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