Why do anarchists prefer the Imperial system of measurement?

They want to live in a liter-less society!

Did you hear the story of the anarchists' surprise party?

Well, the surprise was that there was no party.

What's an anarchist's most likely cause of death?

Prostate cancer

A communist and an anarchist walk into a bar

The bartender says: Sorry, you guys are underage

Why don't anarchists drink green tea?

Because it helps fight free radicals.

I tried starting an anarchist community

But no one would follow the rules

What type of cancer do anarchists hate the most?

Prostate cancer

Why are dogs so good at finding anarchists?

They are great at tracking dissent.

What happens to male anarchists as they get older?

They go from having anti-state issues to having prostate issues.

I recently started an anarchist political group...

...but nobody who would obey the rules.

Why do anarchists smell so bad?

Because they're *revolting*

Why couldn't the anarchist draw a straight line?

He didn't have a ruler!

Why don't anarchists accept the metric system?

They refuse to have liters.

Why can't anarchists draw straight lines?

Because they don't have any rulers.

In the Chinese version of "Fight Club" the main character thought he had befriended a crazy anarchist.

Turns out he was Wong the whole time.

Anarchy is bad for you.

So there's two guys at a bar and the first one says

##So, how's it been going with your anarchist club recently?

###I got kicked out recently, sadly.

##Kicked out? Why?

###I don't know, I was just following the rules!

How many anarchists does it take to change a lightbulb?

Trick question, anarchists can't change anything.

For all you web developers out there.

Why couldn't the div buy a drink?

It lacked id.

Why couldn't the div find a girlfriend?

It lacked class.

Why wasn't the div good at diplomacy?

Its position was absolute.

Why was the div an anarchist?

It had no borders.

Why couldn't the div pla...

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