What do you get when your French and Spanish friends mix?

Mon amigos

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

Bros, friends, amigos... If she gives you this for her address, just go ahead and move on. Toss that cocktail napkin away. Move on. THere's other fish in the sea. (feel free to add to the list)

• Drinkand Dr.

• Vicious Circle

• West 943,185th Street

• Psycho Path

• Peoples Ct.

• Nofriggin Way

A man and his two amigos came to the gate to the park and then looked at the sign and sadly turned around.

It said "no tres passing".

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

A Mexican guy, a black guy, and a Jewish guy are arguing in a bar...

about their sexual prowess. Eventually, they decide the only way to settle the argument is with a bet - whoever can make their wife scream the longest wins.

The next day they come back to the bar, and the Mexican guy says, "Lo siento, amigos - but I won this bet. I went home and fucked my wi...

A luchador, after helping a group of friends says....

"I bid you adios amigos!"

Paladin: so soon?"

Luchador: "Si. I am quest to destroy my fallen brother, corrupted by the diabolical and reborn undead. He is called... El Lichador!

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