Only 1700s kids remember this joke.

A woman walks out of the kitchen.

What's the difference between Tesla and Nestle?

Nestle's child slaves are 1700 miles northwest of Tesla's child slaves.

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It was the 1700’s in the New England colonies...

The Native American big chief was very ill, and their medicine would absolutely not aid the Big Chief.

So a group of Native Americans set out to ask the Englishmen for some medicine. They explained, “Big Chief sick, Big Chief no shit”. The Englishman gave them a light medicine and sent them ...

To my 9 yr old: wow, Altoids were made in the 1700’s.

Her: yeah, I know, they’re all dusty

Back in the 1700s...

People were protesting for taxation without representation

Nowadays, Anti-Vaxxers be like
“Vaccination without representation!”

Why was the computer programmer who was sent back in time to 1700 disappointed?

Because it was all baroque and no byte


Two hunters fly to Kenya, where they bag six gazelles. As the crew is loading the small plane to return, the pilot says the aircraft can take only four gazelles back.

“Last time, the pilot let us take all six, and he had the same plane as yours,” argues the first hunter.

Reluctantly, t...

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

More an anecdote than a joke, but still telling....

As Japan invaded Manchuria, the Chinese general called in his aide for daily reports.

On day one, the aide said, "Not good. More than 2000 Chinese dead, just seventeen Japanese dead."

The general dismissed him without a word.

Next day, the aide somberly reported, "1700 Chinese ...

History Fact!

In the 1700s men were attracted to woman's natural scent. To stop from being accosted by too many gentlemen callers, a product was developed. Perfumey soaps applied to the clothes would remove and mask any odors. A whole new industry sprung up!

That industry? Laundry DeterGents.

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