Kid 1: What does quar-an-tine mean?

Kid 2: Dunno let's ask the guy inside.

What does Brian Head Welch do if he gets covid symptoms?

he *Korn-tines*

What do Muslims do during the coronavirus outbreak ?

They stay in Quran-tine

Once there was a small town

Within this town there was a man named Epydidumus Roderigo the Third, but for simplicity, everyone called him Ep. If there was one thing Ep was known for it was his antique fork, that was passed down through his family for generations and was so old and weathered that only one tine remained on the f...

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

6 signs that you had one glass too many

1. All girls look beautiful. It doesn't matter if they have beards.

2. You can't use your fork because it has 1 tine and 4 handles.

3. Lights are out in the restroom. But it smells nice, and they have clothes hanging instead of toilet paper.

4. Someone called you an asshole. But...

I was so fortunate that a Muslim family was able to take me in when Social Isolation when into effect.

Now I am in Quran-tine.

A Pakistani cleric issued a new fatwa that orders you to stay in your homes and study the scriptures.

As expected, they're calling it the *Quran*tine.

I cut the prong off a fork and am wearing it on a necklace for luck.

As they say, third tine's the charm.

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

A man named Chris

This guy called Chris goes over to his friend's house, rings the bell, and the wife answers.
"Hi, is tony home?" he asks.
"No, he went to the store."
"Well, you mind if I wait?"
"No, come in"
They sit down and Chris says, "You know Tina, you have the greatest breasts I have ever seen,...

There is a new virus which only affects Muslims.Where do they put the infected?

In the Quran-tine room!

Why did the fork go to the party?

It wanted to have a good tine.

My girlfriend's plastic fork broke while she was eating earlier....

....Just a tine-y bit. (i was so proud of myself but no one else laughed as much as I did )

They don't make forks like they used to.

Modern plastic ware makes me miss the good old tines.

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