You're probably Ghana think"no one will Bolivia. There's just Norway."

I thought I Kuwait but then I Saudi Turkey, Iraq of ribs and a Canada best sauce and my Bahrain was like Oman, I Israel Hungary... so Iran to the kitchen to put Greece in the pan.

I hoped it could get Finnish quickly and because I was Russian, I didn't Czech the label and accidentally added ...

"I'm off to Taiwan for a blood test." "Taipei?"

"Well, I won't know my blood type until I get there."

I went to Taipei but didnt like it because

I am Type B.

Why is Taiwan willing to stand up to China?

Because it has a Taipei personality

Why are Taiwanese men such anxious and hard workers?

They all have Taipei personalities.

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

My hard driving, asshole boss just quit the company, he announced he's moving to Taiwan!

apparently he has a Taipei personality ...

Sorry for the Taipo - /u/damn_wiston

Did you know that the best leaders are born and bred in the capital of Taiwan?

They all have Taipei personalities.

I have a Taiwanese friend who is is incredibly rude and bossy

He has a strong Taipei personality

Why do Taiwanese students always do so well on their standardized tests?

They've got a Taipei personality

I heard that people from Taiwan are impatient and agressive...

I guess they have a Taipei personality.

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