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Why are the Taiwanese so competitive, high-achieving, and motivated?

They have Taipei personalities

"I'm off to Taiwan for a blood test." "Taipei?"

"Well, I won't know my blood type until I get there."

I went to Taipei but didnt like it because

I am Type B.

You're probably Ghana think"no one will Bolivia. There's just Norway."

I thought I Kuwait but then I Saudi Turkey, Iraq of ribs and a Canada best sauce and my Bahrain was like Oman, I Israel Hungary... so Iran to the kitchen to put Greece in the pan.

I hoped it could get Finnish quickly and because I was Russian, I didn't Czech the label and accidentally added ...

I’ve always wanted to visit Taiwan

Guess I have a Taipei personality

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

My hard driving, asshole boss just quit the company, he announced he's moving to Taiwan!

apparently he has a Taipei personality ...

Sorry for the Taipo - /u/damn_wiston

Why are Taiwanese men such anxious and hard workers?

They all have Taipei personalities.

Did you know that the best leaders are born and bred in the capital of Taiwan?

They all have Taipei personalities.

Why do Taiwanese students always do so well on their standardized tests?

They've got a Taipei personality

My Taiwanese friend is very intense and driven:

He has a real Taipei personality

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