I think it was a mistake to go to that "swingers in the dark" party last night...

...I don't know what came over me.

If you and your spouse get amorous in a hammock…

Does that make you swingers?

I met my wife at a swingers party.

I said, "You should be home looking after the kids!"

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An alien couple land their saucer in a farmer's field

They approach the house and explain to the farmer and his wife that they are intergalactic swingers. He asks them if they are ok to spend the night and then go back to their planet in the morning. The farmer and his wife talk it over and agrees.

The male alien takes the farmer's wife into the...


I tell you how bad things are....I went to this swinger's party last night and we all chucked our car keys into a bowl of disinfectant.

The wife and I went to a swingers night.

However, when we got there the only other people to turn up were my mum's sister and her husband.

Turned out to be a bit of an aunty climax.

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I thought I’d try going to a swingers camping trip, but I was too shy to participate.

It was two fucking in tents for me.

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My swingers group went camping...

It was fucking intense.

<fixed the other joke>

What's worse than learning that your parents are swingers?

Coming upon them at a party.

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Swinger's Party

I went to this swingers party and tossed my keys into a bowl.

I thought I had hit the jackpot when this hot big titted sultry blonde picked them out.

Never saw my BMW again.

When a fire breaks out at a swingers convention

It causes premature evacuation.

Who is the most popular guy in a swingers' club?

The guy who can carry a dozen doughnuts without using his hands.

Who's the most popular woman?
The one who can get the last one without using hers.

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Lifehack .

1. Hire the cheapest prostitute you can find.
2. Take her to a swingers club.
3. Switch with someone’s hot wife.

An older couple decided to try "swinging"

They'd both recently turned sixty and, what the heck -- YOLO. So they went to a swingers party and, to their amazement, connected with a very young couple barely past their teens. After an hour and a half of "play time" they got dressed and headed home.

"Well that was disappointing," he said...

We took the kids to the playground earlier.

We met another couple and their kids. They seemed real normal, you know? So we asked if they wanted to walk over to the slides and the see-saw.

But then the husband told us, they’re swingers.

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Alien Sex

An alien couple come down to earth and goes to a swingers party.

They swap partners and go to their respective bedrooms. The alien takes off his clothes revealing a one inch cock.

The human woman says, "I'm not impressed with this at all."

The alien then twists his right ear ...

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An alien spaceship lands in a married couple's backyard...

The couple goes out to greet them. After introductions and typical small talk, they discover that these aliens are galactic swingers, and they were looking to do a little swapping.

The couple decided that, since they were representing all of humanity, they would play along.

The wif...

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