I have a Polish friend who is a roadie for a band.

I have a Czech one too. A Czech one too. Czech one too.

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What's the difference between a groupie and a roadie?

At least the roadie gets paid after getting fucked by the band.

A metal roadie gets stopped at the airport...

He was travelling with Anthrax.

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

TIL Nickleback, tired and at their last show across Europe (in Portugal), had roadies throw things at them from within the audience during the show. The lead singer used it as an excuse to walk off stage, thus getting them out of having to perform.

Just kidding. It was their fans throwing shit at them because everyone hates Nickleback even their fans.

My dad used to roadie for Meatloaf...

He called himself a hamburger helper.

One day a horse is watching a music video [Long]

One day a horse is watching a music video and decides that he himself, wants to make a music video.

In preparation, he goes to the phone book and looks up a local music teacher. He calls him up and says

"Hey, I saw that you teach musical instruments, and I really want to ...

I was in a band

One of our roadies was a German man.
There was a Czech one too.
Czech 1-2, Czech 1-2

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