What do you call something that’s rad but not too rad?


I couldn't figure out the answer to 180˚/ π on my math test.

So the girl next to me let me cheat off her.

It was rad.

What did one π rad say to the other π rad?

"arrrr matey!"

Does anybody know a rad trigonometry joke?

Please don't go off on a tangent.

Circle measurements.

Now that's rad.

What’s the coolest vegetable?

A rad-ish!

So I was playing one of the old fallout games

I think it's rad

Why isn't 0=1?

Cos 1≈0.54

Isn't that rad!

You guys hear of the Chernobyl X-Games?

The RAD levels were off the charts! Everyone was totally sick!

Why Marie Curie won two Nobel Prizes?

Because she was very rad.

What's the difference between a flying mammal in sunglasses and a mouse in disguise?

One's a rad bat, the other's a bad rat

Topical Jokes (5/25-5/26)

Hey, sorry for the tardiness! Been on the road lately. Here's some jokes to cap up the last couple days.

Governor Christie met with Snooki over the weekend, but things got a tad awkward when Christie licked his lips and asked, "But seriously, are you actually a meatball?"

Big Catholic ...

My grandpa was 1/5th of the way through his 58th mathematics degree when he died...

He was pretty rad.

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

A German guy, an Italian guy, and a Chinese guy are playing golf...

Around the 5th hole, this strange ringing goes off and the German guy starts speaking into his hand. The Italian guy and the Chinese guy are both wondering, "what the f*ck is this guy doing?"

The German guy explains, "It's totally awesome! My government made a phone that fits inside of your h...

Did you hear about angle 57.29

He's rad

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