An Israeli lands in New Delhi Airport. Reaches the passport control

-David Cohen
-No, just sightseeing... For now

They say that New Delhi is the brownest city in the world...

...but I can think of one that’s Dhaka.

Where did the Indian go for breakfast?

The New Delhi

What do you call a recently opened Indian meat store?

The New Delhi

Did you hear cheese and meat sales have gone up in India?

Apparently there is a New Delhi.

What did the Indian man name his sandwich shop?

New Delhi


My friends and I wanted to get Indian food last night

My friends and I wanted to get Indian food last night, but none of us could decide where to go. After asking around for good places to get Indian food, we finally decided to go get sandwiches at that New Delhi everyone kept talking about.

Map jokes

How do you get around in Italy? You Rome.
Why does everyone love Thailand? They Bangkok.
I Congo to Africa, Kenya?
Why do the French take there time? They hate to Russia
What's the unhappiest state? Misery
Who are the unhappiest Europeans? The Hungary ones.
Why are the so many Subw...

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