Lady Penelope turns to her butler and says "Parker, take off my jacket."

"Yes milady."
"Parker, take off my dress."
"Yes milady."
"Parker, take off my shoes and stockings."
"Yes milady."
"Parker, take off my bra and knickers."
"Yes milady."
"And Parker..."
"Yes milady?"
"Don't ever let me catch you wearing my clothes again.

[NSFW] A knight won a jousting tournament

The princess hosting the tournament said "For winning the joust, I shall reward you according to how your name sounds"

The knight replied "Are you sure milady?"

The princess answered "Of course! The previous winner, Silvers Crowne was granted a silver crown like what his name sounds. N...

The lady of the manor is out for a drive...

...and, in defiance of all probability and the manufacturer's promise, the Rolls-Royce grinds to a halt in the middle of nowhere. So the chauffeur gets out and, finding himself unable to call the RAC, decided he'd better see what he can do for himself.

After a while, milady gets out of the ca...

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