Me: Hey did you hear about Maya Hee?

My fiance: Maya Who

Me: Maya Ha Ha

"Knock knock" "Who's there?" "Maya"

"Maya who?"

"Maya Ha Haaa~"

P.S. I'm sorry

Knock knock Joke part 2

Knock knock,

Who's there?


Maya who?

Maya come in?

R.I.P Bob

Bob was a bus conductor-cum-driver. He had been going through rough times, with his wife leaving him for his best friend. One day on the job, he saw a young woman, probably in her early 20's signalling for the bus. Bob couldn't hold his rage in anymore and vented his frustration on the pedal, killin...

What do you call an Aztec Mayan snake god tied in a knot?


They put a protective casing over the Vietnam Wall.

They're calling it the Maya Lin sheath.

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