Did you hear about Salvador Dali’s brother who was a really good boxer?

His name was Muhamma

Dali llama walked into a pizza shop and said......

Can you make me one with everything?

What do you call Salvador Dali after multiple homicide?

A surreal killer.

Today is the Dali Lamas 82nd birthday but he couldn't decide if he wanted a vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry birthday cake...

...so he decided to be made one with everything.

What were Jeffrey Epstein's last words?

"The encryption codes are hidden behind the Dali painting in the guest bathroom. Hey, I told you what you wan...."

I don't suffer from madness.

I enjoy every second of it.
(attributed to Salvador Dali)

What do you get if you cross a Boxer and a Painter?

Mohammed Dali

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