The master plan the terrorists had drafted for Jan 6th

Here's the plan the terrorists came up with that seemed to have worked so brilliantly for everything else they had seen in the internet:

1. Storm the Capitol

2. ???

3. Profit

It's the First World War, and a French Battalion and a German Battalion face each other in the trenches.

It's a rather slow day, and the Krauts sit bored in their trenches. Then, a young corporal speaks: "We really need to kill more frenchies! What can we do to lure them out?"
A young recruit asks, "What is a typical french name?"
Another answers, "Pierre."
The young recruit gets up, puts his ...

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

A man walks into a bar and sees Hitler sitting there talking to the bartender...

Hitler what are you doing here, I thought you were dead! says the man

Hitler replies oh no no no that was all staged. I'm alive and well and with a new master plan. I'm killing all poor people AND a giraffe!

Puzzeled the man asked Ooookay, but what's with the giraffe?

Hitler tu...

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