John was the best liver surgeon in his hospital.

I guess you could say he always de-livered.

LPT: Don't get your animals delivered.

It turns out they need their liver.

I just had a successful liver transplant operation.

That surgeon really de-livered!

UPS- Your package has been delivered

Me- Ok, thanks, but why was it livered in the first place?

I saw that a fellow Redditor needed a liver.

Lets just say

(•_•) / ( •_•)>⌐□-□ / (⌐□_□)

OP De-livered


^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Not ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^a ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^true ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^story

I wanted to order food from a fancy restaurant

I didn't want to leave the house, though, so I had them bring the food to me.

I ordered a medium rare steak and foie gras, but when the food arrived my foie gras was missing!

Furious, I drove over to the restaurant and demanded they give me my full order. They did, and before I left I ...

Babies shouldn't be delivered.

Livers are important.

I wasn’t sure my surgeons could handle my hepatectomy...

But they really de-livered.

What do you call an alcoholic mailman?


When asked to provide proof that he had cirrhosis, what did OP do?

OP de-livered.

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