Lebron James is like Justin Timberlake.

No matter how good he his, he will never be Michael.

Why canโ€™t Lebron James stand on his tippy toes?

He gets no support from his Cavs

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I think I figured out the source of the beef between Kyle Rittenhouse and LeBron James.

Kyle has LeBron sorely outclassed in both shooting and defense.

Nike should make shoe named the Lebron James and charge half price โ€ฆ.

because they dont come with a soul.

Why did LeBron James choose to not go to college?

Because he struggles with finals.

LeBron James yelled "F&%@# YOU!" as he collided with the opponent while driving to the hoop with the ball. However the opponent had both feet planted.

The refs found the foul to be offensive.

Why should you never loan LeBron James a dollar?

He will give you back 75 cents and say he wasn't sure about what happened to the fourth quarter.

What's the difference between Lebron James and a dollar (USD)...

A dollar gives you four quarters :-)

What does Lebron James do after winning the NBA Championship?

He turns off his Xbox.

Why does LeBron James wear high socks?

His Cavs can't handle the Heat

What do SpongeBob and LeBron James have in common?

They both hit the deck and flop like a fish.

How are LeBron James and Melania Trump alike?

Both made their fortunes playing with orange balls.

LeBron James tweets he's had to evacuate due to California wildfires

Hope the Chinese are taking fire evacuees.

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Lebron James must skip leg day

His cavs can't do shit

What's LeBron James' wife called?

LaBron James.

Bill Russell tried to sell a championship ring to LeBron James for $1......

...... but LeBron only has 3 quarters.

Read online on a comment. LOL

Lebron James is going to be in Space Jam 2

It's going to be really weird when Lebron quits the Tune Squad and joins up with the Monstars midway through the movie

You guys hear about the new Lebron James phone?

It only vibrates, it doesn't have a ring.

What is the difference between a dollar and Lebron James?

Lebron James doesnt give you 4 quarters.


Why does Lebron James drive automatic?

He has no clutch.

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Trump, Lebron James, the Pope, a mother of 6, and a Tom Hanks are on a plane

Trump, Lebron James, the Pope, a mother of 6, and Tom Hanks are on a plane when the cockpit is struck and the plane starts to go down.

As they search for parachutes they discover they are one short.

Before anyone can say anything Trump grabs a pack and jumps, giving everyone the finger...

An airplane was about to crash...

An airplane was about to crash. There were four passengers on board, but only three parachutes. The first passenger said, "I am Lebron James, the best basketball player. The Cavaliers and my millions of fans need me, so I can't afford to die." He took the first pack and jumped out of the plane.

The story of Tym

There once was a guy named Tym (Tim spelled T.Y.M.)

Anyways, in a casual conversation with his boss, Tym says,

"I will bet you $100 that I personally know anyone in the world, anyone you can name"

The boss, obviously did not believe this and replies with Lebron James....

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An elderly couple from Ohio are planning their 40th anniversary...

The couple, who were rabid basketball fans, had used the last 39 years to have an annual foray into their shared passion for the NBA. They went to games when they could, had gone to the Basketball Hall of Fame (four times so far), but usually just celebrated by getting each other neat collector's i...

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