All the characters in Harry Potter are so well-developed. Well, except Nearly-headless Nick...

He was poorly executed.

The problem with Nearly-Headless Nick

is that he is a poorly-executed character

I love Harry Potter but after re-reading the chapter the death-day party I realized something about nearly headless nick

He was a very poorly executed character

The character of Nearly Headless Nick was a bit of a letdown in the Harry Potter movies.

In the books, he had so much more development, including an entire deathday party. In the movies though, he was just so badly executed.

How does the Headless Horseman like his coffee?


What did The headless horseman say before leaving the party?

I’ll beheading off then

Why was no one sad when the headless snowman melted?

He was a snowbody.

How did the headless chicken cross the road?

In a KFC bucket.

Why couldn't the headless horseman win the race?

He couldn't get a head.

What do you call...

What do you call a headless sheep?

A bloody sheep.

Courtesy of my 6 year old. Should I be concerned?

What do you call an equestrian who hasn't got laid in awhile?

The Headless Horseman.

French Revolution Jokes.

Robespierre was killed in a *split* second.

I guess King Louis XVI failed to get *a-head* of his competition.

The guillotine was *cutting edge* technology at the time.

Execution was a form of capital *PUNishment.*

If only Robespierre was spelt like *Robespare*.


I liked the Harry Potter books and movies but...

I just feel like the character Nearly Headless Nick was a bit poorly executed.

Which Halloween costume has the hardest time getting to third base?

The Headless horseman

What do you call a horse without a head?

A headless horse, man.

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