The Good Natured Hunter

Two old fellows are out hunting. The one with the gun sees a buck, broadside, and glistening in the sunlight. Just as he is about to take the shot they see a funeral procession going along a road in the distance. The fellow lowers his gun and tips his hat at the procession - and the deer runs off in...

I misplaced something at the office. A nice man in a turban helped me locate it. I guess it's true what they say.

Sikh and you shall find.

(edit: same man teased me about the pronunciation. It was good natured, but it was still a Sikh burn)

(also a comma)

A young man, about 15, visits his local pharmacy ...

...and heads straight to the family planning section. He takes a look around the condom section and appears a little unsure of himself.

The pharmacist, an older gentleman, comes over and asks, "Excuse me son, what seems to be the trouble?"

The young man says, "Well, you see…I have a d...

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