That Awkward moment when you pay $2 for Evian water

and notice if spelled backwards your Naive

Have you ever wondered about those people who pay a fortune for those little bottles of Evian water?

Try spelling Evian backwards!

The E.E.P.A levies charges against Franck Riboud, CEO of Evian, for tapping into protected aquifers in the Swiss Alps.

I guess he's in haute water now!

I was struggling to pick up a bottle of water in Morrisons the other day, so I turned to the woman working there and said "Why is this bottle so difficult to lift?"

She responded "That's because it's an Evian"

Edit 1: Thanks for the awards kind stranger!!!!!

Edit 2: I've never got this many awards! I wish I could give you all one back!!!

I have a hobby of drinking fancy water in elevators

Do you Evian-Lift?

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