Did you see that Dwarfism was in the news today?

It's a growing problem.

My best friend with dwarfism started communicating with spirits...

My best friend with dwarfism started communicating with spirits. We were both happy for him.

He finally became a medium

My wife didn’t like my joke about a prisoner with dwarfism falling out of a window...

...she said it was a little condescending.

The police are looking for a fortune teller with dwarfism.

The small medium is at large.

An guy with dwarfism tried explaining he escaped by climbing down the outside wall of a prison

It was a little condescending.

A psychic who has dwarfism escaped from prison yesterday.

He's a small medium at large.

A man with dwarfism walked out of the wig store after haggling for a good deal.

It was a small price toupee'.

My mother with dwarfism feels she is underpaid at work...

Apparently shes unsatisfied making mini Mum wage.

So I was walking down town near the local prison...

And as I was walking down the street, I see a man with dwarfism climbing up the wall of the prison looking to escape.

He looked over at me so I waved at him. He gave me a nasty stare and scoffed at me as he began climbing down.

I said to myself "that's a little con-descending"

A recent study shows that 6 out of 7 persons affected with dwarfism are not happy.

They are grumpy, sleepy, dopey, bashful, sneezy and doc.

What’s the difference between Michael Jackson and a bookie with dwarfism?

One’s bad. The other is a little better.

What will a cure for Dwarfism lead to? Dwarf shortage

If offended, grow up

I made an app that tells you were people with dwarfism are at all times.

I can't be the only one thinking of the imp-locations.

What do you call a Russian sovereign with dwarfism and a taste for both men and women?

A little bizar

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

A pair of twins with dwarfism go out for a night of drinking...

...They get to the bar and see this beautiful set of blonde twins with huge breasts sitting at a table. They approach the ladies and ask if they can buy them a drink. The ladies accept and thy drink all night together.

When the bar closes the brothers ask the ladies to go back to their respec...

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