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A young Italian man rings the door bell at his girlfriend's house. She is living with her parents, and her father opens the door. "Ciao, my name is Tullio," the young man says, "and I am here to fuck your daughter!"

The father is shocked and lost for words. "To.... to... what?" he says.


This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

I know that "adios" means "bye" in Spanish, "au revoir" is "bye" in French, and "ciao" is "see you later" in Italian, but I've always wondered how you say "bye" in Japanese, Russian, and Icelandic.

I guess you could say I'm bye curious.

How does Chinese gangster say hello in Italian?

Ciao, mein!

What laptop does an astronaut use?

Macbook. ‘Cos you can’t open windows in space. Ciao Bella ciao

What does a group of Italians say when they start a diet?

Ciao belli

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

A raccoon walks into a bar

“Ciao. One beer please” the raccoon says to the bartender.

“One beer coming up panda...”

“Let me just correct that for you right away, I’m not a panda, I’m actually a raccoon”

“Yes. One beer coming up panda...”

Now the raccoon was furious:

“I’m not a fucking panda...

Italian, Ukrainian and Newfie on a Lunch Break..

An Italian, a Ukrainian and a Newfie high-rise construction worker were all up on a huge building about to have lunch. They all took a seat and opened up their lunch boxes;

"Mama mia!" Said the Italian "Mya wife! She always give-a me meat-a-balls! If I get meat-a-balls in my lunch tomorrow, I...

What does an Italian Lightning McQueen say?


What dog breed will always leave you behind?

A ciao ciao

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