What is the official song of patriarchy?

It's Reigning Men.

A Gen Z kid and a boomer walk into a bar

They sit down and the Gen Z kid orders from the gluten free vegan menu and the boomer orders a T-Bone steak.

They start chatting and the Gen Z kid says that social justice issues are the biggest problem facing the world, and that the white supremacist patriarchy is a plague on society. ...

A gorgeous blonde is trying to board a city bus...

but her dress is so tight, it won't allow her to lift her leg high enough to reach the first step. She reaches back and unzips the dress a few inches to allow more flexibility. She tries again, but it still isn't enough. She unzips a little more, starting to worry that she'll give the people behind ...

A Woman Goes Up to A Man

and asks him "what do you do for a living?", the man replies "I empty dishwashers ma'am".

The woman, smiling, replies with "you're a maid? That's brill! You're smashing the patriarchy!"

The man says "no, of course not, im a midwife."

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