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If you took all of the blood vessels in your body and laid them end to end across a football field

you would die.

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

Did you know if you took all the human blood vessels and layed them out end to end

You would go to prison and they would make a documentary about you. You sick fuck

Fun fact: if you take a man, remove all of his blood vessels and lay them out end to end...

He’ll die

A lot of blood is moved by ships everyday.

After all, we have blood vessels for a reason.

I failed my medical school entrance exam because of nerves.

The correct answer was blood vessels.

Some engineers were arguing about God.

One says, "God was clearly a mechanical engineer. Just look at the structure of the bones, how they're shaped to carry their loads without wasted weight, how the joints interlock to give free movement, how the muscles are optimally placed as actuators with the best leverage."

The second repli...

What kind of boat do vampires like?

Blood vessels

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